Building Tune-up Program


The JCP&L Building Tune-up Program targets energy savings for existing commercial and industrial facilities by providing a holistic approach to improving building energy performance through the implementation of energy savings strategies that improve the overall operation and energy performance of buildings and buildings systems.

We provide a comprehensive mix of energy-saving measures for non-residential buildings of all types - commercial, industrial, government, institutional or nonprofit. 


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Get up to 80% off installed equipment when you bundle different upgrades.*



  • HVAC controls to optimize rooftop units and air handlers
  • Variable frequency drives (VFD) for fans and pumps
  • Refrigeration controls for evaporator fans and door heaters
  • Lighting controls and optimization schemes
  • Dual enthalpy economizers for HVAC
  • Other complementary, program eligible energy-saving measures are available

     *exact percentage will vary based on type and quantity of equipment installed.

Energy efficiency made easy!

From enrollment to incentive, we make it easy to find the best energy-efficient solutions for your facility.


Provide you building’s basic info in our application.
Scoping and

Real-time evaluation of energy-efficiency improvements bundled with whole-building strategies.
Project Implementation

You work with a JCP&L Program Ally to complete the scope of work.

We will work with you to complete a Post-installation Inspection or Measurement and Verification process (depending on the type of measures completed).
Final Payment

Receive your financial incentive based on the final scope of work and calculated energy savings.

Customer Eligibility

The BT Program is available for most non-residential facility types including commercial, institutional, industrial, and multifamily common areas. To qualify, participating projects should be in the JCP&L territory. 

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